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over the country,” but youth engagement remains low. “If you can’t understand the feelings of Japanese people, including young people, there is no way to reach them.”

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members to carry on the JWA’s work is the organization’s most pressing, and flummoxing challenge. Maruyama, who is 76, says “we have held dozens of seminars, lectures, forums, and symposiums all

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25 oktober 2019 13:39 av https://munhakac.co.kr


For the JWA, work continues on building public support for their initiative. “We have 570 members,” wrote Maruyama, “but [we] are aging like the rest of Japanese society.” Indeed, recruiting young

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25 oktober 2019 13:35 av https://mvpc.co.kr/thenine/


Supporters of reintroducing wolves point to successful reintroduction programs elsewhere, such as in Yellowstone National Park in 1995. Professor Maruyama has also noted that returning wolves have an ancillary impact of controlling the park’s elk population.

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25 oktober 2019 13:34 av https://mvpc.co.kr/coin/


contact would be unlikely. “[Wolves] are not an alien species,” says Maruyama, and would fall into similar hunting patterns of wolves elsewhere.

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25 oktober 2019 13:33 av https://mvpc.co.kr/


Critics worry that wolves will come into contact with humans. The JWA says there are regions sparsely populated enough that human-wolf contact would be unlikely. “[Wolves] are not an alien species,” says

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25 oktober 2019 13:28 av https://mvpc.co.kr/first/


wolves were last spotted over a century ago, and the encroachment of development on natural areas. Proximity of humans to wolves, accordingly, could become an issue for both alike.

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25 oktober 2019 13:22 av https://mvpc.co.kr/theking


Compounding the issue is opposition from other ecological and animal welfare groups in Japan, as well as from the government. They note the considerable industrialization that has taken place in the country since

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25 oktober 2019 13:20 av https://mvpc.co.kr/woori/


It is much more difficult to persuade people who are simply not interested than persuading those who oppose [the reintroduction of wolves].”

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25 oktober 2019 13:18 av https://hansolel.co.kr/thenine/


percent of respondents to the JWA’s most recent survey in 2016 had no opinion on reintroducing wolves—relative to those with firm pro or anti-wolf-reintroduction views. Said Maruyama

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